Friday, March 5, 2010

Yet another reason why network neutrality is a bad idea:
"Before the ink is dry on net neutrality regulations, we already see corporate lobbyists and 'public decency' advocates pushing for loopholes," said EFF Civil Liberties Director Jennifer Granick.

But that's the whole point of network neutrality, corporate lobbyists and various other advocates are pushing rules that are explicitly aimed at hurting their competition and giving themselves an artificial boost:
In a potentially significant reversal of policy, the Federal Communications Commission could be poised to make the big telecoms share their high-speed Internet fiber networks with smaller companies... That's according to a Bloomberg story published on Friday, which adds that the proposal being considered comes from the Cbeyond broadband/telecom services firm.

"The FCC should require the Bell monopolies to sell—at retail prices—the bandwidth necessary for competitors like Cbeyond to provide next-generation broadband applications to small businesses," [Cbeyond founder Jim] Geiger says.

In other words, one company is petitioning the government to force another company to sell services to the former, so the it doesn't have to invest the capital required to do it themselves. While the FCC open access policies are only tangential to most net neutrality proposals, the effect is entirely the same.
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