Sunday, May 16, 2010

Neo-anarchist traffic design:
A fascinating example is a major–20,000 cars a day!–intersection in the Dutch city of Drachten that used to look a lot a typical American intersection, with lots of bright paint and traffic signals and enormous signs telling you what and what not to do. Traffic planners tore that stuff out and went naked, just putting down a roundabout in the center. The sidewalks even disappeared as distinct structures. Everyone figured it out though. Fatalities at the intersection dropped markedly, as did travel times.

That was just one data point in the larger national trend. While the US traffic fatalities have fallen by 15 percent, Holland’s have fallen by 75 percent. And, thus, the headline assertion: If America had matched Dutch fatality rates, we would have had only 15,000 deaths on our roads last year instead of 37,000.
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