Thursday, December 9, 2010

In a reversal of his position, Dr Lockwood explains that the Sun is a key driver in global temperatures:
The respected science journal, 'New Scientist' has published a watershed article appearing to controvert the man made global warming hypothesis. 'New Scientist' in ‘Quiet sun puts Europe on ice‘ (14 April 2010) reveals how international climatologist, Mike Lockwood, of the University of Reading, England, explains his latest findings that conflict with the accepted view that human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are likely to warm our climate.

These findings vindicate the claims of skeptic researchers such as Henrik Svensmark who for years have insisted the Sun is the key driver of Earth’s climate. Skeptics of the man made global warming theory (AGW) argue that the increased activity of the Sun, not human-emitted greenhouse gases, was the real cause of the temporary global warming blip that lasted from 1975-98. Now that short burst of activity has decreased it appears global temperatures have followed suit.
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