Monday, March 28, 2011

Republicans are more scientifically literate than Democrats or independents:

Astrology is not scientific64.3%55.7%75.1%
The benefits of science exceed the harms73.3%66.2%78.0%
Understands the need for control groups in testing79.8%81.4%82.1%
The earth's core is very hot94.2%92.6%94.6%
Demonstrates a basic understanding of probability87.9%90.0%91.8%
Not all radioactivity is man-made79.2%78.5%85.9%
Father, not mother, determines a child's sex72.0%74.7%77.3%
Lasers are not made by condensing sound waves63.4%70.9%75.1%
Electrons are smaller than atoms71.4%71.3%72.8%
Antibiotics do not kill viruses55.7%55.4%65.8%
Continental drift has and continues to occur90.1%90.6%87.9%
Humans evolved from other animals57.6%50.7%41.5%
The earth revolves around the sun79.2%73.9%81.5%
It takes the earth one year to rotate around the sun75.8%78.8%78.9%
Respondent will eat genetically modified foods66.1%69.4%73.1%
The north pole is on a sheet of ice67.0%59.7%63.4%
Not all man-made chemicals cause cancer when eaten46.6%46.4%52.6%
Exposure to radioactivity doesn't necessarily lead to death67.5%67.1%77.0%
Exposure to pesticides doesn't necessarily cause cancer55.5%57.9%66.8%

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