Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Foreign Policy runs down the list of the countries with the top 10 gun ownership rates, and asks
America has by far the most robust gun culture on the planet and one of the world's highest rates of gun crime to go along with it. Looking at the next nine countries on that list, however, reveals a very mixed bag. How is it that the world's most gun-crazy countries include some of the most dangerous and the safest?

Could it be that there's no correlation between guns and instability? Could it be that political upheaval and violence have more to do with culture and legitimate governance than gun control?

For the record, the top gun owning countries are:
  1. The United States (just under 90 per 100 residents)
  2. Yemen (54.8)
  3. Switzerland (45.7)
  4. Finland (45.3)
  5. Serbia (37.8)
  6. Cyprus (36.4)
  7. Saudi Arabia (35)
  8. Iraq (34.2)
  9. Uruguay (31.8)
  10. Sweden (31.6)
  11. Norway
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